The Collector

 I live in Melbourne  Australia about 20 mins SE  from  downtown.  I  bought land abutting Riversdale Golf Club in 1980  built the Squash court and wrapped the house around it.  At that time there were about 12 private courts here in Melbourne, nowadays I think only 4 remain.  Over the past 30 years the court has assumed a delightful patina from sweat, grime  and a reasonable number of bloodstains. During this period we have hosted dozens of pennant and  exhibition squash matches, and many overseas Golf and Squash players have stayed with us whilst playing tournaments in Melbourne

I’m 73 but still trying to have a whack, for how much longer not optomistic, as one knee seems to have worn out!!  played over a 1000 pennant matches  for South Yarra &  Kooyong  never much good, just a runner who tried to take it early. Best effort was QF in 1985 Toronto World Masters Games. I have played in every other World Masters with limited success,  part of the “Cannon Fodder” necessary to get a decent number in the draw.  Been married to Jo for 48 years, 3 adult kids one a handy club Squashie.

My work background was Mechanical Engineering, but drifted into Cereal Farming, Lumber & Property development now retired, love travel, collecting, red wine, golf,was a board member KLTC, member Squash committee 20 yrs and Chairman 10yrs. Have gradually contacted a few other Squash collectors worldwide, unfortunately there does not appear to be many of us.   Hope this Web page can attract more collectors, historians and visitors , whom I would welcome to pay a personal visit, maybe form a collecting historical society.

Feel free to contact me to enhance or correct any statement in this site as a lot of  information I have collated could be distorted by avancing  years!!