The Collection

The Collection started about the middle 1980s, I hung a few older, exhausted rackets in the gallery of my court at home, that were   cluttering up cupboards.  When having the post match drink with friends who come for a “hit” they would often say “I’ll bring round my old ones” so they got hung,  over the past 25 years its grown to about 950 Squash rackets in 200 brand names from 24 countries, earliest about 1890.

Along the way anything that hits a ball has been gathered, Badminton,Real and Lawn Tennis, Ping Pong, even a 70 YO Lacrosse racket.  I’ve acquired them from municipal tips, charity shops, Ebay, auction houses, obsolete stock from stores, gifts from manufactures, and former Squash players, including some very generous World Champions.

Most  of the older Squash 1900 – 1930, are English brands most long out of business, have been acquired from EBay and international auctions, as were about 45 wooden mint ~ still in wrapping, from 1960 – 80.  Nth American Squash is represented with   Rackets, Covers, Books, Trophies, Balls, & Photos.

The  300 odd  books, magazines, programmes,and pamplets,  include the 1st book by Eustace Miles c.1903, many signed, all of Jonah Barrington’s,[thanks to Sarah Fitz-Gerald] a signed leather bound Heather McKay.  Banners, Badges, Cups, Neckties, Balls in boxes c.1970, Shirts signed by world champs, it goes on & on, anything that has Squash mentioned.

Retired players, local and around the world, have been incredibly generous in their support, donating many items and advice.

My wife Jo ( also a collector, of Porcelain/sewing implements/lace.etc,etc) and I have traveled through most of Australia and the World looking at Antique markets, charity shops, flea markets ,municipal tips & EBay gathering items.  Jo was also a handy Squash player so she is most supportive,  but sometimes see her eying the Court,  which would make a sensational display area for her collection.

Looking from Forehand corner to Gallery, note Giant Display Racket on upper LH, Giant Ball in centre

Rare English Rackets c. 1900 - 1910 Section of a chronological display.

Looking through Gallery with Golf course in background