Other Racket Sports

Gathering Squash items has become increasingly difficult, rarely have many Squash clubs, associations, or players kept much of a  historical display.  Rather than go empty handed from an auction or antique fair, if there was something vaugely connected with the Racket sports  on offer I would try to do a deal.

Consequently the collection has a sprinkling of items from Baseball, Cricket,Vigora, Racketball, Real Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Court Tennis, and childrens bats.

The founder of The Tennis Collectors Society, Gerald Gurney, is the author of  Tennis,  Squash and Badminton  Bygones  c.1984 which  describes the origins and relationships between the Racket sports. Interestingly in  both Lawn Tennis and Squash the  rackets have undergone radical  design changes in head size and material, wheras their “Parents”  Real Tennis and Racquets, are still  made from wood, with design unchanged in almost 150 years.


Gerald  Gurney’s    Excellent explanation of the Racket sports

Court sizes of the racket sports from Gerald  Gurney’s  Tennis Squash & Badminton Bygones

The Other Racquet Sports c.1981

1800s    Real  Tennis  match               NOTE DRESS!!!
Early  c.1828 print     Four Handed Racquets game
Rackets         at         Fleet   Debtors    Prison

Modern  Squash              &            Vigora  Bat   a   type of Ladies  Cricket�

Junior   size    Court   Tennis,      various     Bat    &    Ball,             Table    Tennis

A  Rugby  Fives  Court  at  Harrow             Fives   was a major   influence  on   Harrow   Squash  development

Rare Badminton 1st two c.1905 - 1910 Dayton Steel c.1930 Hazel Streamliner c.1930, Grays c.1950

Evolution of the Racket


Real or Lawn Tennis?