Text of plaque at Harrow tells about Pro Charles Williams surviving the  Titanic sinking 


Harrow Rackets Pro Charles Williams survived Titanic Sinking

Rare Pin presented at 1932 Olympics      Squash was Exhibition Sport

1978 Pennant        1st Year that Club Circuit was played
Michelle  Martin’s Doubles Gold Medal Shirt,  also signed by  Craig   Rowland

Porcelain     Figurines

Porcelain      Figurines

Description of how a Court may be built in a Gentlemens residence

RARE     Signed Poster Australian Ladies Team

SRA   Shield   c. 1975

        Plaque       Presented      to        Australian Team      by      Great   Britain team       c.1979

South    Australian       Car    Registration     Plate

 Handbook c.1977 Acquired from  Christchurch Club  NZ  destroyed in Earthquake

 Article   proposing   that  playing Squash   may have  killed  ELVIS !

Video     of  1978   British Open         Won  by    Geoff   Hunt

 RARE Computer Game endorsed by Jonah Barrington


Letter c. 1968 to Australian Davis Cup player  Alan  Turnbull   from Sir Donald  Bradman.
South Australian Squash Champion 1938, Scratch Golfer, Good Cricketer


Glass  topped  table  with  Ties, Badges, Pins, Postal 1st day covers,  Rule Books





Shirt signed by English team and coach Jonah Barrington   Gift from Horncastle Squash Club [UK]


Commonwealth Games Skirt          Gift  Lisa Camilleri



Medals Badges Vic Hunt gifted Trish Hunt

WMSC Capetown 2008 Drink Coasters


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  1. Suzie Barnes says:


    We are looking for Squash Memorabilia for a dear friend of ours. I am having trouble finding a place online where I can purchase high end memorabilia. I am wondering a. if you sell any of your pieces and b. do you know of any website/person that does? I really appreciate your time, please let me know. Thank you so much

    Suzie Barnes

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