Masters Squash

WMG    Toronto  1985  players  manual 
Framed     WMG   Certificates     Arhus 1989              Toronto 1985

Framed WMG  Certificates   Brisbane 1994   &   Portland 1998

WMG 1989  Arhus     American Ladies  aopening ceremony

WMG Melbourne 2002            Peter Wright ??

WMG Melbourne 2002             ??? Fred Howell

WMG Melbourne 2002           Fred Howell, Munir Shah, Tom Slattery

WMG Melbourne 2002         Peter Wright ???

WMG Melbourne 2002        Gary Brown , ??

WMG    World Champion    John Hall

WMG Melbourne 2002



WMG Melbourne   2002          ????????


WMG   Edmonton 2005

WMG   Edmonton 2005            ??, John Link, John Cox, ???? 2

WMG Edmonton 2005

WMG Sydney 2009

WMG Sydney 2009            Ron Glass [Aus]    Andre Maur[Irl]    Bert,   Irish Gentlemen                       

WMG   Melbourne 2002             Vic  Hunt  [Aus]        Otto  Hart  [Ger]

Vic.Hunt’s WMG,  SRAV Life Membership, Australian Sports  Medals 

Framed  1986  Sth Australian Masters Shirt

Framed WMG 1989 Arhus Shirt


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  1. Carol Smyth says:

    HI, Max Smyth is eating (on the right) and I think Jimmy Bristow is on the left with the yellow towell around his neck. Max is still playing club squash.

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