1st Article written about Squash  c.1894   BOYS OWN PAPER


Squash  Article in Boys Book c. 1925


 Boys Own Book c.1925      Article on Squash

1st  Book  on  Squash          Eustace  Miles  c.1903

Harry Cowles  c.1935

Harry Cowles c.1935

The Art Of Squash Racquets Harry Cowles c.1935

The Art Of Squash Racquets
Harry Cowles c.1935

One of the Collection’s Gems, a leather bound copy of   Heather McKay’s   Complete Book Of Squash c.1973

Signed by Geoff and editor Alan Trengove

Autograph in Geoff’s Book,   sound advice,   but alas, was too late!!!

Susan signed at World Masters Christchurch NZ    2008

The Book Of Squash c.1983
Squash Balls Barry Waters
SRA Annual c.1987  –  88
Early Australian c.1960
SRA   Know The Game  c.1950
1951 – 52  SRA  Handbook
Squash Rackets c.1972
JONAH   the official Biography of Jonah Barrington c.1983
The Book Of Jonah           Jonah Barrington c.1974
Jonah Barrington c.1974
Jonah Barrington c.1973
  Jonah Barrington c.1973
Winning  Squash  Racquets   Jack Barnaby c.1970
American Legend    John Skillman c.1937
John Skillman’s American classic with letters to pupils
Hashim Khan’s  masterpiece, a must for all squash lovers   c.1967
Hashims signature in English & Pakistani        anyone know  Bill Peacock?
Amr Bey c. 1934           not the “Cheap edition!”
Amr Bey  c.1934
Court Tennis   Squash         Tompkins c.1909
Court Tennis
The Racquet Game        Allison  Danzig  c.1930
The Racquet Game    Allison  Danzig  c.1930 
C. Arnold  c.1926
Jonah  Barringtons  Classic  c.1982
Jonah  Barrington c.1982
The Science and Strategy of Squash       John O Truby c.1975
D.G.Butcher   c.1948
D.G.Butcher  c.1948
Sports Illustrated  c.1963

A must read for anyone interested in the history of Squash

Squash  A  History    Rex Bellamy  c.1978

Samir  Nadim  c.1979

Vic   Squash  magazine  c.1975 – 1980

A terrific contemporary magazine



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  1. Alvin wolff says:

    Missing Harry Cowles squash book.

    • Bert says:

      Hi Alvin

      I Have copy of Cowles book will put photo in page along with a few new acquisitions
      Thanks for your comment I appreciate feedback from interested Squashies
      Regards Bert

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