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Whilst  visiting Amsterdam July 2013 had to go to Iconic Squash City luckily acquired a splendid signed poaster, hanks to "Stretch" and Liz Irvine

Whilst visiting Amsterdam July 2013 had to go to Iconic Squash City, luckily acquired a splendid signed poster, thanks to “Stretch” and Liz Irvine

 Driving back home to Melbourne from a visit to Sydney in November 2012, I rerouted via Bathurst  about 140 KM west of Sydney. I visited Peter Chard an iconic figure in NSW Squash, and owner for 36 years of the Squash courts there. Peter generously donated some rare posters, rackets, balls & stickers.      Display space has become an issue so I have  started rehanging most rackets 10mm closer and will have to get the mobile scaffolding back to display new posters, it never ends!!!

Posters Donated by Peter Chard


 Been touring the UK during August & September 2012, went to many antique fairs, markets etc, caught up with a few old squash friends including that iconic Scotsman administrator George Mieres. Acquired a few interesting Rackets  a very rare Multi Squash Racket  press,and  I think, an early Rackets ball, given to me by Iain Parker Head professional at the  Nth Devon Golf club.   Initially  being in a golfing enviroment, I thought maybe it was a “Feathery” the earliest type of Golf  ball, because of the stitching.      Anyone have further information?    Likewise the Geo Bussey racket, when did they cease production?      The William Smith Wedgewood plate depicts a young girl in a garden with Shuttlecock equipment,

Fury c.1958 possibly Scottish origin



G.D.Bussey c.1934

Early Rackets ball











Plate William Smith Wedgwood c.1852 Badminton scene