Kooyong Squash

2012 Open Finalists          Sarah  Cardwell       Selena  Shaikh  with  Pres.   Colin  Cruickshank

2012 Kooyong Squash Champion Sam Ejtemai    Pres. Colin Cruickshank 


2004 Finalists ?? & ??

2004  Finalists    Heddy    &      Jim 

Finalists     Rick     John
Finalists     Richard   &    Hamish
2011 Premiers      Roger,  Jason,  Hugh,  Bert,  Alain,  Andy,  Peter
2007  Premiers       Mike,  Bert,  Nick, Aidan, Kevin
2010 Premiers    Paul,   Rick,   John,    Ben
2010 Premiers     Josh Cardwell,   Sean Ryan,   Chris Harris,  Mark  Ikin
2011  Premiers    Peter,  Barry,   Alex,  Heddy,  Nick,  Bert

2000 Premiers    Chris,  Lee,  Dicko,   Bert,  Brad
A1   2006  Premiers    Steve,  Phil,  Mark,  Ben,  Dave
2004   A1   Premiers     Ben, Archie, Steve, Mark, Gary

International Visitors 2010

                                                        2012   Kooyong   Open Finalists        Brad Soutar                      Sam  Ajtemai

2009  Premiers      Selena,   Terry,   Tony,   Kevin

2010  A2 Premiers           Rob,   Jeremy,   Melody,   Austin

Barry,   Mike,   Bert,   Heddy,   Nick,       an expirenced quintet!

2008   D2 Premiers      Barry,   Peter,   Rheinhard,   Dianne,   Mike

2008  A1 Premiers         Josh,   Rob,  Ben,   Mark

2004  Premiers      Bert,  Michelle,  Richard,  Aidan

2002    Finalists     Tony Sewell        Bruce Peck

2008 Awards 500 Games,  Jeremy, Don, Bryan, Titchy, Richard, Bert, Mike, Bill, John, Phil

2008 Awards 400 games     Peter “Dicko” Dixon, John “Piccy” Picolo, Graeme Goudie

2006  Reunion    Gary, Ian, Jeremy, Mark, Dave, Clive

2008 Awards   Don, Iain, Dicko, Col, Trophy for largest supper account!

2008 Awards     Sarah, Roger, Rusni, Piccy, Judy, Chris, Rhienhart,Vicki

Campbell Grayson with host Paul Ryan  2012

2 responses to “Kooyong Squash”

  1. John mathieson says:

    Bert – fantastic website. Just stumbled across it – could spend hours wandering around.

    One thing – the name missing on the 2010 A1 premiership team is Sean Ryan.We picked him up from Bentleigh around 2008 – they didn’t have a team good enough for him

    Regards John

  2. Stephen Jones says:

    Gidday Bert, 6th picture down from top… 2004 finalists:
    LHS: Mike Morello. RHS Peter Goodin.

    all the best,

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